There are numerous alternative drug testing methods that are more accurate than animal tests.


The Mandatory Alternatives Petition seeks to change the way drug testing is done in laboratories before drugs are tested on people. The MAP asks the U.S. FDA to mandate the use of scientifically proven drug testing methods that replace the use of animals.

The coalition members and the physicians, scientists, and other experts who have signed the Mandatory Alternatives Petition believe it is a necessary step because there has been little progress in the U.S. toward the adoption of scientifically proven methods that give better results and replace the use of animals for drug testing.

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Coalition sues US government over failure to respond to animal testing petition

Press Release   Filed Complaint

A coalition of animal protection groups today filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C. against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accusing the agency of violating its mandatory duty under the Administrative Procedure Act. The lawsuit states that the FDA failed to act on a petition asking the agency to require the use of scientifically sound alternatives to the use of animals in testing to gain approval for drugs and medical devices.

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